Monday, 12 April 2010

Picnic in the Park

Had the chance to spend a beautiful day outdoors at the Yanchep National Park, where we got together with my Mum, Dad and Jane, my sister Kristie and her baby Lily, and our friend Richard. Such a fun, relaxing time.

Under the hibiscus trees,

we all took turns cuddling Lily.

She was so cute in Jack's hat...

and in this pretty dress from Singapore.

We had a scrumptious barbecue lunch, cooked by Richard, (hmm, how did I manage to miss getting a photo of you Rich??)

Then Lily had a little nap,

as did Grandad
while Jack zoomed about on his Power Wing,

and tried on Uncle Rich's bike helmet.

We swapped Easter gifts, and celebrated Jane's birthday, Mum's birthday, and my birthday!

And we ate this cake - pretty and delicious!

Dad and Jane are off to England for a wedding.

Hopefully, it won't be long before we see Kristie and the little Lilster again.

Thanks for coming out for the day everyone! Love you, and thanks for all the lovely pressies! Stay tuned, readers, until the 16th, which is my actual birthday - it's time for a giveaway!!


  1. oh but it is not your birthday till 15th right???
    What a beautiful day in teh park and with such great and special company to celebrate such special occasions.

  2. What a lovely little celebration! I'll wish you a happy birthday now as I'll be away for your real birthday. So happy 40th Birthday!!!! Hope it is a good one.

  3. lovely photos, looks like a great day

  4. The photos are gorgeous. I especially love the one where Lily is wearing Jack's hat, so cute! All the photos of me have my mouth hanging open! Well I suppose that is true to form, haha.

    We had a lovely time but poor little bub is now full of head cold. I'm getting a real taste of motherhood!

    Love you all,
    KK, DT and LT xoxo

  5. Hi Wendy,

    Happy birthday in advance, looks like a lovely way to spend any day, but especially an almost birthday.

    I was about to reply to you comment on my blog but realised your email address isn't linked so I'll just have to do it here!

    Thanks for taking the time to reply so thoughtfully. It really is appreciated. I have discussed with my partner where things are heading, I'm pretty up front with that sort of thing and we've discussed it a fair bit. He is mainly scared of the committment thing (from what I can tell) which is probably quite okay to be at the grand old age of 22. I have told him that I would like to be 1)living together, 2)engaged or 3)trying for a baby by 30 (if not all, preferably number 3). Can't be more clear than that I think! You're definitely right about that ticking biological clock. I just hate the waiting part now, you know how things are when you're ready for change, it has to be now.

    I was a bit gobsmacked by some of those reasons you've experienced too. Geez men can be a little bit on the thick side can't they! Thank goodness you've now found one with his head screwed on better than those others!


  6. Hi Wendy.

    I so love looking at your photo's. Your home looks absolutely stunning and the Family photo's are great - everyone looks well and little Lily is just beautiful. Love to you all. Jenny xx

  7. beautiful photo's, I was really moved by the one of Lily's feet once she was asleep, so touching. Happy Birthday! Joanna x


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