Thursday, 19 November 2009

Pantry Makeover

There is a new channel on Foxtel called the Style Network and I am in LOVE with the shows on there! They are all about befores and afters, or makeovers - something I feel I strive for on a daily basis in one area of my life or another. (Don't we all?) I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with improvement. It helps me get ready for my next makeover challenge!

So here's my latest venture into makeoverism - organising our pantry. I can't for the life of me find the before shots (I'll post them when I do), but the following shots are the result of a couple of weeks worth of unpacking the pantry, chucking out heaps, buying containers, packing them and labelling them. The containers (from Woolworths) cost me about $260, which is a lot in one week, but that's a hey of a lot cheaper than some other container brands I know. And the pantry is full to the brim now. No gaping spaces above the food, no shoving things in any old way, no forgetting what's in there, no spilling stuff, and no trouble reaching to the top. And the boxes don't have to stay in perfect order, you can move them round like a tetris, rather than put the boxes back in the exact place.

I think it's a freaking masterpiece! And it only took me 39 years to come up with it! The moment of true glory was having Jonathon's cousin Chelsea jump off the couch with eyes as wide as saucers when I opened the pantry door. It made it all worthwhile.

Inside the pantry door, there's a nifty keyholder we got from Bunnings.

Hope this makeover inspires you!
By the way, speaking of makeovers, you have just GOT to go to this blog if you want to see the most amazing home makeover. The before photos had me laughing and laughing at how shocking they were, and the after photos had me oohing and aahing. Incredible!


  1. Amazing...i saw this on Chelseas camera when she got home...she couldnt wait to show me what you had done ..she was totally inspired...MMMM i have some of those expensive T......... containers ..but i agree yours are just as good and look great... Well done you inspiring person you...and after i had a mouse in the pantry this week that i trapped in a box of rolled oats and put in the rubbish bin to Kelv got home to murder it...ha is off to Woollies to copy your idea ...thanks it...

  2. Oh my goodness, anytime I need an organizing fix I'm gonna just have to look at that picture. That's a work of art!! Just beautiful :)

  3. Michiel told me that you have all been sick!!!! are you OK now?????
    thinking of you all...Take care
    We love youXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. That's amazing!I'm impressed!
    I'll do it for sure....
    Great job!

  5. wendy..... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make Jonathon put his CAR KEYS on that key holder thingy..... @ least now he can't say where's my keys???? i've lost my car keys
    lol pitty that it doesn't have a wallet and phone holder as well!!!!.... he's always losing those thing's

    look's good by the way ;)


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