Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Five Favourite Things

I've been having fun today, looking around at some new blogs. I love seeing the things people find, and what they do. While I have all this lovely holiday time, I thought I'd play along with another blogging game, Five Faves, from Meet Me At Mikes. These are five of my favourite things today:

1.  I love seeing this Little Poppets calendar from Sweet Pea when I walk into our study. Susan Mitchell, the artist, felted the little characters herself. They are too cute!

2. We watched this movie, Aliens in the Attic, which is a MUST SEE family show. So funny!

3. I am LOVING this new massage oil from miessence. It is so silky, and HIGHLY recommended! You can find one here.

4. I am thoroughly enjoying  my new iron, the Prosteam II. I wouldn't usually rave about an iron, but our last one was HORR.I.BLE!!!!! This one is just so light and doesn't stick to the clothes. I've actually been ironing for the FUN of it!

5. I am so into this new Robin Hobb book. I feel like I'm having the adventure!

Wendy xxx


  1. oh i love iron is similar to that..non stick as well...a real pleasuare to iron... theat movie looks great ...might have to walk down to the movie store so Hattie has something to watch when it rains this weekend...

  2. hi Wendy,

    just dropping by to say hi:) hope you're having a great day! looks like you are, too! =)

  3. cool post. One of the brides I photographed a few weeks ago had MiEssence perfume. It was great, loved it. Can you get a chocolate smell one? I cant quite remember it only that I liked it and it was Chocolatey! but it was a little bottle..... let me know some prices and if you know what Im talking about!!!!!

  4. Chels, the chocolate scented perfume is my favourite too! It's called Delicious, and you can see it if you click on the miessence button at the side of my blog. When you get to the site, click on the left-hand side panel, where it says perfumes, and it will show ingredients, prices and all. It IS pricey, but all organic ingredients are used, and they are expensive to farm. Makes for a good thing to put on your birthday or Christmas list!
    Wendy xxx


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