Monday, 26 April 2010

We're back! And there's a giveaway winner!

We're back from our wonderful holiday in glorious Broome! What a pretty, pretty place - such beautiful colours everywhere, and so HOT!

But before I launch into showing you all the photos (which I've been madly trying to scrapbook for the last 2 days!) I just want to thank all the lovely blogging friends who wished me a happy birthday, to family who sent me gorgeous cards, and to all the people who commented or became a follower of my blog to enter my giveaway!

And now, to announce the winner...

I wrote all the names on paper, and spread them on the kitchen bench...

Jack closed his eyes, waved his magic hand, and put it down to touch one of the papers.
Turned it over and found...

Nettie's blog,
(aka Nettie Nostalgia).

Yay!!!! You are the winner!!!

All these lovely goodies will be sent to you this week!!!!!

Enjoy!! xxx
P.S. Go check out Nettie Nostalgia - a blog full of gorgeousness, with a Tasmanian flavour!


  1. OH WOW i am so gob smacked ..
    thank you thank you thank has been a rotten week for me and now i am elated by your gift...and THANK YOU JACK ...your magic finger worked a treat for ya to bits... i will be waiting for the mailman..glad your holiday went well and i hope you all relaxed ..cant wait to see the pics to get all inspired...(long range forcast)you know if there is any money left after the house we are coming west to see you guys????

  2. Woohoo, we would LOVE that! I think you should include Broome in your trip too, because I am sure you would love it like we did! And thanks fot the tip about the Di Morrissey book - it was brilliant!
    Love ya! Wendy xx

  3. ahhh JAck, you are supposed to have magic vibes for me!!!!!! Looking forward to the photos. Em just went there too and I loved her pics. Im off to Brisbane on Thursday for a road trip with SArah.

  4. Aunty Anne ur finally comming to WA??????!!!?????? lol what happend??
    r u and uncle kelvin gonna come see us????

  5. Congrats to the winner! Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Broome. Looking forward to seeing photos. I've just moved from Darwin and the only thing I regret is not popping over to Broome while we were over that way. Will definately visit there one day!


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