Monday, 21 September 2009

Would you believe?

It was my best friend's wedding on Sunday 20th September. It had been planned for months, right down to the finest details, and what did I do on Saturday to stuff it all up? Bent down to pick up some washing and came up with excruciating back pain! Jonathon was with me at the time, and he saw me fall onto the bed, crying and crying in agony. Part of me was crying too, because the moment my back went, I knew I would not be able to attend the wedding.

Well I have spent all of Saturday, Sunday and Monday in pyjamas, in bed or on the couch, completely uncomfortable most of the time, but not as bad as the first hour or so after I had my injury. Thankfully, our chiropractor was close by at the time and he came straight away to give me an adjustment. He visited again on Sunday, and now I just keep resting, hoping for the pain and discomfort to go away soon. I can't sit for long anywhere, but I wanted to share some of the photos taken by my hubby of the beautiful wedding.

Luckily, Emma's sister-in-law, Bec, (the middle bridesmaid) was able to take my spot in the bridal party and it all went along as usual. Of course, I was devastated that I wasn't there, but having the photos and a video (taken by Jack) made me feel as though I didn't miss it.


  1. OH, HOW MEAN! That is such a bummer. Next time there's a wedding please don't go bending over? Hope you're feeling much better soon.

  2. Sorry to hear you had to miss the beautiful day. Hope your back is feeling better. That sort of pain is horrid. xx

  3. I'm so sorry! How are you today? I know it's painful 'cause I suffer of back pain...
    Hope you are doing better!

  4. oh no! So sorry you missed the wedding...hope your back gets better real soon.

    PS: the skies are clear now, but it was RED early yesterday morning and then turned orange, just like in the pictures...pretty crazy stuff!

  5. OH no i just got home from another stay helping Chels in Hobart and i never get near the computer down there ...i hope your back is OK now Wendy...What a shame you missed your friends wedding..nice pics Jonathon...
    Tell me are they the couple who were building that house you took pics of being built???? never did see that finished did we???? or did we ????


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