Friday, 11 September 2009

An awesome gift in the mail

Today, I got the most awesome gift in the mail from Auntie Anne. When I unwrapped the parcel I saw this, and my heart swelled. The infamous Alice in Wonderland quilt, tied up with a red ribbon bow. Oh!

Not being a quilter myself, I wasn't sure what this little bow was for and then I realised it revealed a pocket holding the quilt's story.

I hadn't even unfolded the quilt yet, and already I felt like I was being wrapped in a hug!

And then there it was - glorious!

The photos don't even do it justice. I can't begin to describe the richness of colours, the cuteness of the drawings, the adorable red and white dotted fabric. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of warmth, that Auntie Anne would feel inspired to do this for me, all the choosing of fabrics, cutting, sewing and organising that she did to create this masterpiece.

I wanted to hug it, kiss it, I was choked up, and I could hear my heart singing!

And, to ice the cake, there was a beautiful quilt card, with a loving message inside.

I could hang the quilt up at school, but there is not much wall and a lot of windows. So I will hang it above my computer in the study. There, I will be able to stare at it day after day after day and it will make the room brighter and sunnier!

Thank you sooo much Auntie Anne, you are absolutely amazingly talented and I will treasure this quilt forever!! (By the way, Jonathon's face completely lit up when he saw it. He said, "You've GOT to be happy with that!" Jack was beaming too.)
Love ya, Wendy xxx


  1. You know that you have already conquered me with your blog and now with your Alice's quilt you have me defenitely !
    It's just amazing...

    Have a nice weekend !

  2. Ohh Im glad it got there safe and that you like it. It truly was a labour of love. Talk to you soon... xox Auntie Anne at Chelsea's xoxox


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