Sunday, 27 September 2009

New Shop Items!

Have you been thinking of buying one of the boxed card sets from my etsy shop, but can't decide which one? Well now, I'm offering the cards for sale individually! The boxes will also be available for sale individually, and for a short time, the boxed sets will be listed at reduced prices. Shipping is more affordable now too! I will be listing more cards throughout the coming week, so keep an eye out for your favourites!
Wendy xxx

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  1. i am such a slacker ...i have been going to go on and buy one of your sets and i just seem to leave it to the last thing of the day to do....Kelvin does the BPay thing for me as i just havent gotten around to doing through the pocedure to register me yet.... i love the emerald city (oh is it still there???)and i will send a money order in the mail to you tomorrow if that is OK???...then i will be sure to get it...instead of waiting for him to do it...


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