Thursday, 17 September 2009

Two weeks of beauty

I get very excited about my cherry blossom tree and so have taken a couple more photos, in case you want to share my joy!
Last week's progress.

How it was today. At it's fullest point. Such a lovely thing to come home to. Some of the petals are going brown now, and it will be all over by next week. But I have loved seeing it in all its splendour!

The daisies have been a pleasure too. These are the ones in front of our master bedroom.

Flowers make a house smile!


  1. how beautiful!!! your blog is charming :)

  2. The blossom is spectacular! I have to find some shrubs and trees to plant in our garden with spectacular spring blossom!! Thanks for dropping by :)
    Irene x

  3. The blossom is so lovely. I adore Daisies as well. Such a happy flower and flowers do indeed make a house smile. xx

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments, ladies! xxx


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