Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Colour and light

And now for something completely different.... When I was young and ambitious, I wanted to be the singer in a band, and one idea I had for a band name was The Julia Set. I love the way it sounds, I think Julia is a pretty name, and I am intrigued by what a julia set is. It is a type of fractal, which mathematically (although the jargon is a bit beyond me, so I'll leave it out), is a repeating pattern. They occur naturally in the environment in flowers, shells, waves and clouds, and in manmade items such as doileys, fireworks, architecture, and staircases, but mostly they are generated in computer graphics programmes. They look amazing as scrapbooking paper.
Here is a selection of julia sets from Google images. I think they are beautiful!


  1. Oh they are gorgeous ...i must admit i had never heard of them before now...i was missing out wasnt I???? my favorite though has to be the b & W looks like lace...

  2. What awesome album covers they would make as well! BEAUTIFUL!


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