Saturday, 2 May 2009

Our Camping Trip

I managed to grab a few moments from life to post the pics of our camping trip last weekend! We went with our friend Richard to Willowbrook Farm in Gingin.

There were cows,

trees to climb,

a creek,

a rose garden,

old buildings like the office/kitchen,

and an ancient shearing shed.

They also have a caravan park/camping ground, which is where we stayed.

Richard's tent.

Our tent.

The first night we went to the Anzac Day Dinner at the farm tea rooms where they had bush poets performing. It was great! I'm glad Jack had a chance to hear the poets perform with gusto the old favourites like The Man from Ironbark and Clancy of the Overflow. The meal was amazing! Home cooked chicken pie or lamb roast, with roast veges, and a vast choice of Aussie desserts including sticky date pudding, pavlova, lemon meringue pie, apple crumble and icecream. Mmm mmm!

After dinner we went to the Observatory where we were able to view the night sky and its constellations through huge telescopes. Saturn was pretty impressive, although Jack was convinced it was a sticker on the end of the telescope. Unfortunately there was no moon that night, so we missed out on a big thing there. However, they showed some footage of astronauts mucking about in the space shuttle (which was a laugh!) and a computerised adventure through space, exploring the vastness of our universe. Awesome stuff!
Back at camp, we toasted marshmallows.

The next day we did a lot of sitting about, savouring the peace and quiet, and played games like footy, Uno, The Game of Life and Pictionary. Fun family times! No distractions like the telephone, TV doorbell and housework. Lots of naps and conversations. Real living.

(Okay, we cheated a bit because we had a powered site and Jack brought the laptop.)

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  1. What a fantastic rest it sounds like you all had...nice to see Jonathons friend Richard went too...Jonathon needed that break...should have more of them i reckon!!!! That looks like the most amazing place.... the food sounded so zummo and here i am fasting i need to read and imagine all those yummy things......


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