Saturday, 16 May 2009

For time and all eternity

When it was coming up to our tenth wedding anniversary, we thought we would get eternity rings to celebrate. Jonathon found the one he wanted pretty quickly, but I've only just managed to find the perfect eternity ring for me, and it is one and a half years later! Thanks to Zamel's for having this sparkling beauty in their window. I am so in love with it!

It is a further symbol of our marriage for time and all eternity in the Sydney temple in 1998.

Lucky me to find such a caring man with such a beautiful heart.


  1. oh that is so sweet..Hey Jonathon what happened to the waistline ????
    you two still look so young ...cant beleive it is has been nearly twelve years!!!!
    Love ya both...and Wendy that ring is worth waiting for..gorgeous ..jsut gorgeous

  2. Wow that was back in the days I had hair!!!!


  3. awww, you guys look greta and still do! Love your rings Wendy! I need to find mine, I took them off a few yrs ago and know they are about somewhere!!! opps!

  4. What a fantastic photo of the two of you!


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