Sunday, 3 May 2009

Books to read

Emma's son, Brenden, has been reading the Dragonkeeper series, and this is the first one.

Isn't the cover exquisite? It is a beautifully written story set in Ancient China (one of my favourite settings) and is about a young girl who looks after a dragon. Gorgeous book for readers aged 11 and up.

My Mum got this book from a group of friends for her birthday. It has many uplifting stories, and I especially like the spiritual ones, and the ones about teaching.

Another great book from Monica McInerney! It's a bit Mills and Boonish, but had some family dramas that were interesting to follow.

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  1. I like the look of those monice Mc Inerney books Wendy.... she has another one out too ..cant reember the name of it though?... love the cards are really working at a pace go girl... i will be able to get back into my quilting now that i have finsihed working full time...take a couple of weeks to catch up though...i am on the look out now for the material for the Alice in wonderland winter project....


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