Friday, 15 May 2009

I'll play the windowledge game!

Thank goodness I gave my kitchen a huge declutter last weekend, because that means I can play Aunty Ann's game of "Show us your windowledge". Before decluttering there were HEAPs more spices, and a dead plant, but it looks much better now. The tin doesn't have a use yet, but the colors matched the spices, and I felt it needed it's time there for awhile. I think I'll put a sewing kit in it.

Just below the ledge is a glass bowl that we use for dumping keys, jewellery, phones and wallets. It eventually gets cluttered with other things, but right now, it's doing well!


  1. OHHHHH that is awesome must have known i was going to challenge you all.... we have the same thing a star shaped bowl too and i filled it with fruit so all that stuff wouldnt get put in there... i made a hook hanger inside the pantry for the keys etc... and guess what i did all day today...yep cleaned out all the kitchen cupboards...not because i wanted to..but because i had a mouse in from the cold and i hate that mouse pee smell..he is a dead one now....caught him in a trap.. so i now have a nice clean pantry and cupboards...but it took me all day.


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