Wednesday, 15 April 2009

What have I been reading?

Another good one passed on from Mum...Louise Bagshawe's The Devil You Know.

This is about triplet girls separated at birth who all grow up to be strong-willed, business-minded, money-making machines! One gets into real estate, one into band management and the other writes best-selling novels. I was very inspired by this book to be a do-er. You know how you can be a 'gunna' or a 'do-er'? I'd much rather be a do-er. It can be scary, or take money, or time, but it's worth it when you knuckle down and do it. Whatever 'it' is!! My 'it' at the moment is tying up loose ends - all the little projects that have been sitting around for ages. You've already seen Jack's Playroom come to fruition, and over the next week you'll see some more....


  1. Where do you get the time to watch Austar girl???? Reading All these books and watching the Architecture programs...... I did watch a couple when i was at Sarah's in Brisbane last month... would love to have Austar on but we seriously could not justify the cost as we dont have time to watch it...just too busy with all the family young folks and old folks...visiting the nursing homes and having the grandkids to visit, stay and play ...i dont even watch TV anymore for my own enjoyment ...seems to be kids programs when its on....except "All Saints" that.

  2. OH i forgot to say I am excited about seeing "MORE"..of your projects.... i will send you some pics of the kitchen soon too...I am in the process of filing my photos into catergories on the computer instead of just dates...more organization ...i love it....that book sounds like a very inspiring read...i love books that change your perspective on things and challenge you to "go do it"..what ever it might be!!!!


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