Monday, 13 April 2009

Jack's Playroom

How I love being able to do house stuff on the holidays! By that, I mean arranging, rearranging, sorting, tidying, in effect, organising the house. This weekend's big project was to make the cluttered-with-junk family room into - ta-da! Jack's playroom!

Easter Bunny was kind enough to bring us an LCD TV for Easter and it fit perfectly on the shelves! Then I took away all my records and CDs and reorganised the shelves and toys into their groups. Jack has always been into Lego, so most of the toys on display are Star Wars, Mars Mission and Exoforce models. Years ago we let him take his models apart and build something else, but I think it's a major achievement to put them together, so we leave them now. The playroom shelves hold all his models and his other things like Bionicles and Gears of War characters, cars and board games.

We need to get a big rug for the floor in this room (the one in the picture is borrowed from the front lounge) because Jack will spend a lot of time here playing X-Box and building models.
He's already been there all weekend!


  1. How amazing that Jack is sitting there in front of the Tele and playing on his laptop...multi tasking ...these kids are like that these days....What a fabulous area you have created....Love that colour on the feature wall behind that absolutely fabulously organised unit..... Jonathon should be able to get a rug through his work at a good price shouldnt he?????/

  2. They don't have rugs for sale at Jonathon's work. Bummer!


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