Monday, 20 April 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

We went to Jetty's (again! but we LOVE it there) for breakfast to celebrate my birthday and Mum's birthday with the rest of the family.

Beautiful day, pretty blue skies.


  1. WWWWWOOOWWW that looks like some place to go for your birthday.... Happy Birthday Wendy... sorry about the stars you had to shake out of the bed ha hah im not ...hope your year is one that sees you fulfil all those goals you have written on that list you told me about...good luck.... LOL

  2. ohhh Im late!!! Happy Birthday Wendy!!! Sooo, curious.. no dairy, no red meat.... I hope you have bought some Macrobiotic books!!! That is my dream to be Macro again. Brown rice baby.... start eating lots of it! And get into the Japanese seaweeds!!! YUmo! Also brilliant book "The China Study" all about animal protein and its links to western diseases. Makes you never want to eat dairy/meat again! ANd you know Em Falconbridge is coming home to WA in a few months! Im planning a visit to see her so Ill come see you guys.

  3. That would be great if you could visit! About the diet - I think we're going to manage red meat once a week, without any marinades! Jonathon has swapped to soy milk but I can't quite take to that yet! We read an article about cow's milk having blood and pus in it, and I don't think I will EVER touch milk products again!! (Gagging as I write.) We're eating lots of veges and pasta.What does your Major Cleanse involve?


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