Thursday, 9 April 2009

Easter Holidays!!

Thank goodness the school term finished yesterday! We have been overwhelmed with event after event at school - an Easter Bonnet parade, the ANZAC ceremony, Easter tabloid activities, classroom Easter activities. The outcomes were good, and some of the moments were gorgeous. But, it was just too much! Everyone was desperate to finish!

Here are the Easter Crowns we made for the parade.

This is one of the Ojo de dias the children made. They are a Mexican Easter tradition. You say 'O ho day dee os' which means Eye of God. The diamond shaped 'eye' in the middle represents Jesus, and the twigs are the Cross.

In our class, the children made these Easter tags during the Easter Tabloid activities, (there were 140 of them in the end, and I burnt myself on the hot glue gun!), while other teachers read Easter stories, had egg and spoon races, decorated biscuits, and played pass the parcel. It was a rewarding, but chaotic afternoon!

The children added some bling to the Easter cards they made for their parents.

And this is how their basket of chocolates looked. They made the patterns on the side with Easter paint rollers.

Here is how they looked together. Adorable!

We took the Pre-Primary children to their first Anzac Ceremony. They were a bit naughty really, playing with leaves, and dancing and clapping during the songs, until we gave them "The Look", but, hey, it was their first time and at least they were quiet!

The children spent nearly all day making an Anzac page for their school books. I forgot to take a photo (dang!) so you'll have to see it after the holidays.

Jonathon started his holidays last Friday and has been feeling sickish this week. Jack was so fed up with school, that I let him stay home with Jonathon for three days. I was happy for him to have some time with his Dad.

Meanwhile, I read this book:

I could barely put it down because I needed to know how it ended, but at the same time it was so confronting. To cut a long story short: a woman catches her husband sleeping with her best friend, leaves him to live in their holiday cottage, he attempts suicide and ends up mentally damaged and thus, needing full-time care, she takes him to the cottage to care for him, because there is no one else to do it, even though she resents him, and it goes on. I so felt for the woman in this story. It was just a horrible situation.

Now, onto the holidays!!! A few days of rest and recuperation, and I'll be ready to start creating again!
Also, I must wish a happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to my Aunty Lyn and Uncle Keith!!!!! They celebrate it this weekend, and they are two of the most lovely people you could meet. I have the fondest memories of visiting their house when I was little, and my cousins were my heroes. Jenny always had the coolest toys, followed the latest fads and took us rollerskating, Sandra had a 'posh' job and we would meet her for lunch in the city, and Murray was a totally crazy, headbanger, always listening to AC/DC music, adding new skull ornaments to his collection, and scaring me with a Native American mask and headdress. I was terrified, but I adored him!! I love catching up with my cousins now too. It might not happen very often, but there are always lots of laughs when we do!

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  1. that post was packed with roller coaster rides (forget the skates)and i felt like it was the brief for a good book.... just that family brief was the best ...i had myself imaganing those members of your family as characters in a book.... i want to meet them!!!!


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