Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wardrobe Overhaul Part 3 - Shoe Storage

Last time I overhauled my wardrobe I bought an Expedit bookcase from Ikea and placed my shoes like this. 

Which was great! But I soon realised that there was a lot of wasted space in those cubes, 
so I started looking for something more compact. 

Another trip to Ikea recently, and I found the perfect solution:

The Trofast storage shelf! I'm in love! And it holds all 18 pairs of my shoes. 
(Not my boots, they were tall enough to stay in the Expedit shelf.)
I also love that there is space for two pairs to sit side by side facing forwards - 
I couldn't do that with the Expedit shelf.

This storage shelf won't work for people who have very high heels, 
but most of my shoes are low enough to fit within these shelves. 
I made a couple of adjustments for my higher heels, by removing the shelf at the top, 
and sitting the bottom shelf on top of the runner, instead of in the middle of it.
(You can tell if you look closely.)
By the way, sorry if you fall over looking at this pic - it's a small space to get a good view!

So I'm a happy bunny now! 
Next I am going to get some drawer inserts for the Expedit shelves 
to store underwear and pyjamas.
These don't come in until mid-Feb, so watch out Ikea - I will be back!
And I'll keep you posted on how they look!

Love to you!


  1. I love white shelves! Perfect for dsplayingshoes in various colors!


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