Sunday, 14 February 2010

Top 100 Stories

Went to Angus and Robertson yesterday to buy a present, and came home with the present, and two books for myself!  I grabbed their top 100 list and was surprised to find I have only read 23 of the books voted for by the Australian public.

Funnily enough, I have 10 other books on the list on my shelves just waiting to be read! So, while I know I will still grab books that I'm interested in, I'm going to attempt to read ALL of the books on this list throughout the next two years.  At my rate of about one per week, I just might be able to do that. Check out my reviews at Wise Owl Books to see my progress.

Check out this list - how many have you read? (Click on the list to magnify it.)


  1. Hi - it's amazing when you realise just how many books on that list you haven't read - I'd only read 15 a few months ago (I have since read several more!) but... in march you'll be able to vote for the next Top 100 list, and it will be released in July. So there will be another 100 books for you to start reading!!

  2. Ha! I thought that would happen! But, hopefully, many of the same books will be on there! Wendy xx

  3. dont have to buy the book now! Thanks Wend! SI it cooling down a bit for you guys there now. I love late summer.

  4. oh no, I've only read 14! Better get cracking!!


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