Wednesday, 10 February 2010

LOVE Teresa Sheeley and Lora Stone!

What fun it is to shop on etsy! As part of my continuing-to-get-organised-resolution, I decided that this year for the first time EVER, I would shop for Christmas presents throughout the year instead of in the last week! And I'm going to try to shop for as many things as possible on line. Recently I received some of this Christmas shopping in the mail from two etsy shops I absolutely love! Here are some tea towels from Teresa Sheeley. Gorgeous!!

You have to see these tea towels to be taken aback by the lovely texture of the cloth, and the amazing artistry of this lovely lady, who has a wonderful shop here, and an inspiring blog here.

I also bought some stunning jewellery from Lora Stone at

I actually bought these for me (the only downfall of shopping for others, is finding heaps of gorgeous stuff for yourself!!) and they are exquisite, and yet surprisingly affordable.

Look at the colours of the stones, and that adorable Eiffel Tower!

And there was even a heart pendant made from a coin! How sweet and clever!


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