Saturday, 16 January 2010

Weekend happenings

We're off for a whirlwind trip down south to Bunbury tomorrow.

And it's our 12th wedding anniversary too!

We're going to have a chance to spend time with the lovely Lily while we are there (babysitting, while Kristie and Dave are at a wedding) and generally having a break from all the house stuff! Our adorable cat, Whiskers (Wicky for short) is staying at the vet's for the weekend as he had to have an op to remove an abcess (poor thing!)

I've got behind on reviews, I know, but there are a couple of new ones at Wise Owl Books, and at A Choc-Top and Me. Let me know if you've read or seen anything lately that you would highly recommend. I'm all for hunting down a great movie or DVD!

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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY... YOU GUYS NEED A HOLIDAY EVEN IF IT IS FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS...dont get clucky now Wendy ...looking after that gorgeous baby...i guess you will show us some pics when you get back???? Have a great time...Hope the furry memeber of your family is OK too.


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