Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Weddings Galore!

Wedding movies seem to be sucking me in this week, and I've been reviewing them over at A Choc Top and Me. I've watched these three:

Made of Honour was my favourite - loved it!


  1. i want to see the one with Sandra bullock..sounds great...they all do really... just too busy packing and sorting..you would be proud of the de cluttering i am doing ..sure hurts but i am being strong...
    back to school for you soon..or am i being mean to suggest such a thnig as going back to school...ha ha

  2. I loved The Proposal & Made of Honor. I'm such a romantic. 27 Dresses was cute too.

  3. I LOOOVED the Proposal! That was my favorite I haven't seen the other two..but I really want to. :)
    By the way I have an award on my blog for you: http://jessicaleighlalou.blogspot.com/2010/01/happy-101-award-woot-woot.html


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