Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Phoneline working again!

I'm back! Sorry I've been away so long, when I'd promised to post every day this month. I had all intentions, but something weird happened to our phoneline last Friday, and it only started working again last night (Tuesday). We have been without phone, internet, and X-Box for 5 days!! Seriously, it felt like a fortnight!

But I have been spending my time watching episode after episode of a great show on Foxtel called Clean House.

In each episode, they help a family clean the clutter out of their house by analysing why it is so cluttered (and believe me the houses are wrecks!), which enables the family to let go of all their 'foolishness'. They then have a garage sale and the money raised goes towards furniture and fittings to help organise and beautify their home. Love it! So I've been making a huge pile of things to go in a garage sale, (but we'll probably take it to a swap meet), and going though all my magazines, that date back to 1993 (shame on me!) I've reorganised most of the back shed, and cleared clutter from nearly all the rooms in the house. Just the study to go. And now there's only two weeks of holiday before I have to go back to work!! Eek!

In other news, I've posted a book review of The Time Traveller's Wife at Wise Owl Books.


  1. i wondered what happened to you...oh i so want to see those shows ...but i really am being ruthless as i am going through packing... it is starting to look a bit deserted now as we have put a lot in the self storage .... scary too...if it is packed up there then too bad.... we hope to be in the rental by valentines day....nice ....

  2. hey
    i jus came acorss ur blog nd i love it... u people hav a knack for color schemes nd it all! hats off!


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