Friday, 22 January 2010

Photos with Lily

While at Bunbury, on our mini holiday, we took a heap of photos of us, Kristie and Dave, and my stepdad Gary with the little Lilster. She was so cute, and we loved babysitting her. A.dor.a.ble!!


  1. she is adorable Wendy.... lovely family pics of your guys too...have to send me one or teo of those on the email so i can add them to the gallery...

  2. salam
    plz keep reading!
    ur kids are lovely
    im myself a kid fan.. eh
    there is a concept of evil eye
    in my culture
    eh so we dnt really make kids
    too public lol lol

  3. Hi Wendy. The photo's with little Lily are amazing. You all look so well and happy and she's grown so much all ready.

  4. Sorry - Jenny (cousin) is your anonymous blogger.... xx

  5. Beautiful photos, you have such a gorgeous family.


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