Monday, 30 November 2009

Keep this in mind for when you go Christmas shopping

Those of you who have been following my blog for awhile now, may have realised that I LOVE receiving mail, especially parcels with gorgeous things inside. So when I saw the opportunity for a Swap Shop and Blog challenge I jumped straight in! And I was partnered with the lovely Kerri Laidlaw from Lamp and Motor who sells upcycled vintage bags in her etsy shop!

I sent Kerri one of the card sets from my etsy shop, Whimsical Works, and she sent me one of her colourful bags.

I LOVE the way Kerri presented her gift to me:

In the big parcel was this bag:

(The bag is made from a vintage men's shirt (the white pleated fabric), and the green spotty fabric is from the bottom of Kerri's mother-in-law's trunk of fabrics from the 70s and 80s.)

In the smaller parcel, was this cuter-than-cute brooch, also made from vintage fabrics.

I love all the extra details, like the business cards and the bag label - so incredibly funky!

Kerri told me all about her etsy shop venture:

The lovely Kerri

I am a self-confessed hoarder of fabrics, which is not good when you live in a two-bedroom apartment and work from the dining room table! I am a collector of any textiles with a vintage, kitsch or retro edge. I also love bags and brooches, and can't think of a better way to show off the fantastic fabrics I've found- sharing the love, basically!

What made you start your business?
Sewing has always been something I have loved, although I've been doing it on and off since home-ec days at high school, and have just picked it up again seriously with this current obsession! I didn't set out to start a business, or even sell my bags, in fact I am still surprised when someone wants to buy one! But I have now done a couple of markets and I have an etsy online store, which has been a whole lot of fun.

Butterfly bag
What do you plan to accomplish with your business?I don't have any grand plans. I'm just going to keep doing it while I enjoy it, which I don't see ending too soon!

Autumn leaves bag
What do you most get out of having your own business?
I love the creativity of sewing, designing and trawling through op shops and garage sales, for genuine vintage, kitsch and retro fabrics. I love the independence of selling my own handmade products, from sourcing the fabric to designing and creating, then selling face to face at markets, and online. I also love the craft community and belong to a great group called Bris Style, an etsy street team based in Brisbane, for Brisbane designers and makers of handmade products.
Brown bag
So inspiring! Kerri's enthusiasm and success in Brisbane markets has made me think about selling at markets too.
I LOVE all the kitsch bags she's got happening in her shop; there are even clutches as well!
I'm going to wear my new Lamp and Motor bag with a white top, blue jeans, and a little heel. If I can find a summer shoe in the same green, I'm so there!

Check out Kerri's shop here, and follow her blogging life here.

Think of Lamp and Motor when shopping for the ladies in your family for Christmas - sisters, mothers, daughters, best friends - all girls love bags, and these bags are unique!

P.S. For further online shopping ideas, visit the Shop Swap and Blog at Structured Chaos, to find a host of other new etsy shops!


  1. Wonderful gifts - and bags - lucky you!! xxx

  2. Thanks so much for the lovely plug Wendy! I'm really glad you like your bag and brooch, you must post a piccy of yourself in your outfit and wearing the bag, you'll be just gorgeous!
    Kerri x

  3. now that is cute.... i am loving both items.... very nice ..going for a visit to check out the shop...

  4. I LOVE the way she wrapped up the gifts too! Such a traditional, homey feel that people often lose touch with. Its rare to see that these days.


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