Tuesday, 17 November 2009

More Adventures in the Yanchep National Park

After we explored the Crystal Caves, we went koala-spotting,

admired the wildflowers,

and the hot rod display (I'm not even into cars, but these were really cool!)

We wandered by the lake,

saw the grass tree sculpture (made from taps!),

and Jack hung out on the jetty.

We visited the souvenir shop,

and had Devonshire tea in the Chocolate Drops tea rooms -delish!

Here is the lovely Chelsea, who we had staying at our house for the weekend. What a beautiful girl, so alive and inspiring - a breath of fresh air!

After the park we went to the beach, to take a dip in the ocean.

It was so windy!

Only Jack and Chelsea braved the icy water. And went way further in than this... Brrrr!!

Thanks for coming to visit Chels! It was so lovely to have you!

(As an after note, we went to the Yanchep Inn for dinner the night before and I had pavlova again, but it was even prettier this time! Desserts are sooo my weakness!)


  1. yaaaaay, I had such a brilliant time. LOVED being with you guys. I cant believe all we did that day! Thanks soooo much for having me and making me feel so at home. You guys are the best.xox

  2. I wish i could have come too.... but it was nice for Chels to have a break and see you guys...love yaXXXXX

  3. You know you're welcome anytime - we can see the sights, check out the big shopping centres, go out for dinner...come on, treat yourself! Wendy xxx


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