Saturday, 5 December 2009

Chocolate Scented Perfume for Christmas

I bought some magazines today, and while flicking through them I noticed that there is a big push to buy perfumes for Christmas. Now, I love the smell of perfume like anyone else, but I suffer with hay fever, and I can sneeze, wheeze, cough and carry on like a pork chop when I'm wearing perfume, or am around people wearing perfume. So, since I went organic three years ago, I haven't really worn perfume.
But I'm here to let you know that you can now buy ORGANIC PERFUMES! They look like this:
Gorgeous packaging! And, being concentrated the bottles are so delicate and cute, and you don't need much of the perfume to smell divine! My favourite is Delicious, which is completely that, as it has chocolate, honey, vanilla, and a floral hint of jasmine.!

The other perfumes in the range are called Love, Wild, Free, Brave, and Calm.
Go here to try this quiz to see which perfume could be your signature scent. They are all yummy!

Then, pop over to our miessence shop for your Christmas shopping!

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