Sunday, 4 October 2009

Jonathon's Birthday

Last Wednesday (yes, I know it's ages ago, but I've been busy!) was Jonathon's birthday. We went to the Yanchep Inn for dinner, and the food was delish!

(Jonathon and chocolate sundae.)

(Jack and caramel sundae.)
Me, wearing my new shoes.

And this is the dessert I had. Pavlova and cream, with passionfruit and strawberry topping. Isn't it pretty!


  1. OH NO NO NO.... i cant believe i missed your birthday Jonathon....what a terrible aunt i am....that proves to me i am getting old as i am forgetting really important dates...i must start and write them down now so i wont forget them...forgive me please...Wendy give him extra hugs and kisses please from me... sorry Jonathon....

  2. No stress. We're pretty laid back around here! Lotsalove Wendy xxx


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