Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Baby Shower Loveliness

I was so excited to go to my sister's baby shower on the weekend, and to see her with a huge belly of loveliness! Pregnancy really suits her.

Ifell in LOVE with the nursery she and Dave have created. They are so well prepared!

I made them a baby journal for photos and notes, in the same colours as the nursery. It was fun to make the journal and decorate the gift bag, and I might do more of this for my etsy shop, if I ever have a moment!
Family photo time is always a bit silly, but we managed to get some happy shots!

Only 5 weeks to go now.....can't wait!!!


  1. Hi Wendy,
    Your sister looks so beautiful pregnant! She is so slim! Is there really a baby in there? I love her nursery too. I wish I had been half as organized (maybe now with Ikea I have a chance!) I enjoyed your family photos. They are something to be treasured. xx

  2. Just gorgeous... your sister looks so beautiful pregnant...but then i think that most all pregnant women look blooming... the nursery is very pink so i am assuming she is having a baby your cute little album was all pink too...6 weeks will go so fast and Chels will be there to see you next week as well!!!

  3. 5 weeks??? where is her bloating!!!! holy cow, she looks amazing! Im up for a pregnancy shoot with her if she still wants it. Booked my tickets for 11 - late on the 15th. Thinking I might have the Sunday with you guys if that's cool. Not long enough.....


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