Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Beautiful house

Last week I got together with some friends from work for a relaxing afternoon of fun and frivolity at our friend Jodi's house. We all felt like we were on the set of Grand Designs, because the house was of huge proportions and had beautiful details. Take this ceiling for example - swoon!

And the way the walls were rendered.

The handles on the recycled windows (and a stunning view of rolling hills!)

The huge stone fireplace...the flooring...

the walls that go up forever... the pretty doors, light fittings, and switches.

These lights!! (They will have shades eventually.)

This little decking and rockery area that Jodi whipped up the other day! (Kids supplied by myself and others.)

An adventure-inspiring play area in the backyard for Jodi's three boys (note the recycled bricks on the exterior of the house.)

A sand hill for sandboarding and other extreme sports.

And then, (that's not all!), Jodi also has an adorable cottage nearby, that they lived in while building their house. It has covetable verandahs...
that go all the way around...

Again, stunning recycled materials..
the view of the hills...copius quantities of lavender...
a view of the main house...

and the cutest laundry up the pathway...

with incredible doors!

And did I mention that Jodi and her husband Garth built all this themselves???!! Pretty impressive, if you ask me!
After that grand tour, let me introduce you to the silly people who were there. From the left, Mandy, Jodi, Narelle, Emma and Meagan. Beautiful sunny day, more-ish, yummy food, good company and lots of laughs.

Aaah, the holidays. Gotta love 'em!


  1. That house is truly fabulous. What talented, hardworking friends you have.


  2. Nice house...great detail...fabulous spacial awareness...great live in feel and oh that view...
    and they did it all themselves...champions...i am impressed!!!!!

  3. oh my, what a huge home!and they built it as well! wow! Impressive! It sure must feel fulfilling to live in a house you built.


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