Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I'm baaaack!

On a drizzly day in Hobart, we met up with Jonathon's cousin Chelsea, and her family, at the beach. While the men discussed the best places to live in Tassie,

we kept Rowan from the water,

sat on big rocks,

stepped carefully over smaller rocks,

twirled umbrellas,

found abandoned headless dollies(?!)

climbed dunes,

explored hidey holes,

stumbled down hills, and up again, laughing all the while,

gazed out to sea,

kept off the rain,

and waved our umbrellas!

Wendy xxx


  1. Aw! What wonderful family photos - I love the umbrella ones of you all! And climbing up the sand dunes...what a memorable day out! Beautiful sea too xxx

  2. ohhhh I love them love them love them! I might take some off your post and put on mine! Thanks Wendy, that post made my day.... mwah!

  3. I hope that means that "The Men" decided that you were definately coming to Tassie???? and i dont mind even if it is Hobart ...i will have two places to visit then....Yeah!!!!
    the visit was way to short you know and then we had to fly out to Q and Hattie didnt get to see Jack at all...
    Auntie Anne still in Q....

  4. See Tassie is fun, even in the rain. You moving there????

  5. What lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing these with us! Looks like you had a great trip. xo, Crystal

  6. family outings are the best...i really like the umbrella you're holding, wendy:)

    i still havent done the Tag, but i haven't forgotten about it:)

    have a great weekend!


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