Thursday, 7 March 2013

Sky Blue

The theme for this week's A Snap, A Set and A Song is Sky.

My Snap is quite odd, in that I went to take a photo of the pencil pines in next door's yard and this cloud face was right there between them! Can you believe that?

My Set features the prettiest of sky blues. I adore this shade!

Sky Blue

Sky Blue by wendysice featuring bulgari

Clear dress

Peep toe wedge heels
$43 -

Stretchy bracelet
$14 -

Aspinal of London teardrop jewelry
$4,440 -

Blue topaz jewelry

David Yurman blue topaz jewelry


My Song for this week is an old classic which was going over and over through my head 
as I was creating my set. There were so many versions from which to choose, but this one is smooth and quite sublime!

Take a look at the other Sky interpretations over at Thea's blog:

Love to you!


  1. Loving that set! Super cute dress!

    Hope you are having a great week!
    World According to Shia

    1. It is a cute dress - I'm seriously thinking about buying it! Thanks for dropping in. :)

  2. That snap is crazy amazing!
    I love your set, the blue is so pretty.
    And you and Mark obviously have great it.

    Thanks for linking. :)

    1. I often see faces in the clouds, but it seems to be happening more frequently than ever! Maybe it's a sign that someone is watching over me. Ooh, that's a cue for a song! xx

  3. I love seeing things in the clouds ... you never know what you will find ...

    Blue - it's considered a "cool" color yet sky blue reminds me of spring - and how I wish it would start to get here already. LOL!

    And once again ... Great Minds Think Alike. How many times have we used - or almost used - the same song?

    1. I find this colour blue so refreshing! I know you're waiting for spring to kick in so it warms up where you are, we're waiting for autumn so our part of the world cools down!

      About the songs, it's amazing how one word, like Sky, can trigger the same memory for different people. It's a small world. :)

  4. that photo is so beautiful! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  5. I love the outfit! And what a cool idea for a post!
    Jillian -


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