Friday, 1 March 2013

Life in One Day

For this week's A Snap, A Set and A Song the theme is Life. I looked around my garden for some inspiration, and decided that the leaves on these yucca plants were shining examples of life.

My set mirrors the greens and golds in my snap, 
and the quote about life is one of my favourites:


Green maxi dress
$300 -

Pier 1 Imports leather shoes
$64 -

Dorothy Perkins satchel bag

Kara Ross resin jewelry

Dolce gabbana belt
$695 -

AERIN lipstick

$27 -

Marc jacobs perfume

My song choice is a wonderful, uplifting tune from 1985. This is not the official video for the song, but it has some great stills of Howard Jones. So love the eighties!

Pop on over to Thea's blog to see other people's interpretations of the Life theme.

Love to you!


  1. Great SS&S! It's still 3 weeks from spring here and it will be good to start seeing signs of life soon. Love the green in the snap and set. Never heard that song - but I think I was too busy raising 2 little ones in the 80's to listen to much radio.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Maybe Howard Jones didn't make an impact in the U.S., but he was a HUGE British artist in the 80s and had heaps of hit songs. Australia seems to have been lucky in that we've always heard about everything that's going on in both the U.S. and Britain in the way of music. And we had some great musical acts ourselves in the eighties. :)

  2. I love the colours in your snap.
    You set is fabulous!! I love everything, the colours, the dress, the bag, the shoes, the perfume, the earrings...perfect! And great quote.
    Thank you so much for bringing a bit of Howie back into my life. I loved him so much in the 80s. I still know all the words.

    Thanks for linking. :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it all!

      The quote means so many different things to me: obviously it means live your life without regrets because you don't get a second go. But it also relates to my attitude towards clothes, in that I don't leave the house without makeup and a decent outfit! And sometimes it reminds me of the little people around me and all their performances! xx


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