Monday, 29 November 2010

My Boy Turned 12!

It was Jack's 12th birthday yesterday! He, and a bunch of friends, went to Darklight Laser Games for a party, and had a whale of a time.

There is a whole lot of Lego action going on in our house right now!

Happy Birthday, Jack!!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Jack. We really must catch up in this next lot of holidays Wendy. Lotsa love, your Cousin Jenny

  2. i did ring and i left you a birthday message (now i know where you were) no way... 12 Jack ...i will have to stand on a chair to give Aunty Annes hugs and smoochy kisses next time i see ya
    mmmmwwwaaahhhh XXXXXXX

  3. Yay, happy birthday Jack! Darbs and BEthan would love to do lego with you! xoxox


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