Thursday, 11 November 2010

A Do-er-upper!

Not far on from the Pink lake at Port Gregory was a little place called Lynton, where a convict depot was built from 1853 -1856. We walked up the steep hill to have a look at the ruins of the once stately residence, Sanford's House, originally inhabited by Captain Henry Sanford, the Superintendent of the depot. I fell in love with the house and wished it had been restored, because we could only look through the windows. The views from the balcony were glorious!

This area is well known for its windswept trees. Many of them look like this one!


  1. That tree could tell a whole story couldn't it?!...Or inspire a poem! :-]

  2. Oooo the stories that place could tell would be heartbreaking Wendy! It reminds me of The Orphan School where my tiny, great great granny had been in Tasmania, I felt really sick when I was there standing where she had somehow survived.
    Marvellous history, beautiful pics, all too sad for me. Thank You for taking us there ;)

  3. just the pink lake ...gotta come ans see that some day soon....
    i am with you ...that house is amazing...
    I have been in Hobart with the girls for the last week...still no baby yet ..will let you know when he arrives...

  4. That looks like a beautiful and interesting place to visit.

  5. I forget it's summer down there - no wonder the sky is so blue. These are lovely photos.


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