Thursday, 22 July 2010

Masterchef - Down to the final two

Yet again I've been sucked in by a TV show, this time, it's Masterchef.

My Mum got me onto it this past week, and I've actually only watched about 4 episodes. Tonight's episode was nail-biting as each of the three contestants had to cook for a dinner for 35. They had 6 hours to prepare, and worked non-stop!

Sadly, Claire was eliminated, as she just couldn't get on top of the timing.
So now it's down to these two, Callum and Adam.

The final is on Sunday. Who do you think/hope will win?

My vote is Callum. Go Callum!!


  1. Go Callum!! I was a bit sad that Claire bummed out though. It's been great to watch and I have learnt a thing or two. Yay Callum :)

  2. I was a bit sad about Claire leaving too, but GO Callum! I think it would be an awesome chance for him!! (he seems to be the judge's favourite too). Sad to be nearing the end of the series... :(

  3. I've softened to Callum too as long as someone teaches him what to do re the sweating as well as some pimple treatment!
    I know, I know, to some I sound mean but that's the anal me who spent her working life in kitchens and Callum's look is not appealing when associated with food!
    That's why chefs wore hats in the old days to absorb the wetness from the forehead and over a stove there's plenty of dripping ... sorry, sad but true ;)

  4. Ha! Funny, but yes, gross! xx


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