Thursday, 31 December 2009

Oosouji Time

To prepare for a happy and prosperous new year, the Japanese preform oosouji, by cleaning and organising their homes, to tie up the old year's loose ends and make room for the blessings of a new year. Good idea. So..... today I've been re-doing my walk-in wardrobe AGAIN (millionth time I'm sure) and I've made it the best it's been yet. No photos yet, maybe tomorrow.

And I've been putting together a Household Notebook to use in 2010. I used one this year but not very well. I've been making it more comprehensive. Download your own version of a household notebook at, and a decluttering calendar at, which has daily ideas for clearing out junk! I've got them both in the same file. Also I've downloaded Christmas card lists and gift list plans from to use for Christmas 2010. I'm trying to be organised, I really am.

I wanted to share a pic of the great Christmas wrapping container I bought from Avon this year.

I'm not sold on the colour of it (woh!) but the different compartments were very handy for holding all the Christmas cards, labels, ribbons, paper, stamps, scissors and sticky tape that I used when wrapping pressies.

I've packed it away now, and it fits perfectly against the wall behind a suitcase in our wardrobe. I've noticed they are only in the Avon catalogues just before Christmas at $24.95. Worth every cent.

Well, Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you find your way to my blog in 2010 and get enough of a kick out of it to become a follower, and/or to add me to your blogroll.

For the month of January pop over to my other blogs Wise Owl Books and A Choc-Top and Me to check out my book and film reviews. I plan to post one every day this month, as I've been reading heaps of books and watching a lot of movies that you might want to know about!

May your new year ROCK!
Wendy xxx


  1. I love the concept of oosouji. It's such a great way to start the new year. I'm always redoing my closet too - it never seems to be just right(!) Happy 2010!

  2. well that oosouji idea has been already happening around here a couple of times now since we had the house on the i also figured i have been this size for quite a few years now and wont change my figure to be like Elle McPherson so i would dress to suit what i have all the clothes i have been saving till they fit that Elle Mcpherson are OUT...and the next wave that were the favorites are about to go as well...i am laughing beause i will have a walk in rob at the new house and nothing to put in it because i have culled it all..


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