Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a brilliant Christmas!

On Christmas Eve we got the new TV cabinet
and sofa table we'd been waiting on for about
three months. I love them! (Both from BedShed,
by the way.)

We woke up at 7am on Christmas day to open presents.

All the family came around for lunch. (Jack HAD to pull a face!)

Mum did most of the food preparation.
I just had to have her trifle and pavlova!

My sister, Kristie, and her fiance, Dave were there (although Dave was outside when I took this photo, and my camera died when I tried to get a photo of him later!)

Dad and Jane were there.

And my bestie, Emma, her fiance Paul,
and their kids were there too.

It was a perfect day from start to finish!


  1. That photo is horrendous. It must be removed now!!! Do it! No wonder Dave was outside, he was running away from the scary blonde chick with the buck teeth!! hehe

  2. By the way that was from me, Kristie. Although I wouldn't be surprised if random strangers made the same observations abou the photo!

    Love KK

  3. Okay, so now you'll just have to set up your own blog with all the photos of the ravishing you and link it to this spot! (I, personally, think you always look like a top fashion model!)
    Love you, Bucky (snigger)
    Wendy xxx


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