Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Snap, A Set and a Song - Family

So....I've been gone for awhile, because life was crazily busy, and I had to step away from the computer to get everything done! Although, really, the last couple of days have been truly lazy with lots of napping! Christmas food and hot, hot weather will do that to you!
I have heaps of blog catching-up to do now, so get ready for some belated posts.

First of all, I'm joining in with Thea at A Snap, A Set, and a Song for the first time in AGES!
This week's theme is FAMILY, so I'm heading right back to the beginning of December, when we celebrated three birthdays in the family by heading to a park in Joondalup for a picnic.

Lily turned 3.

Jack turned 14, and James, my nephew, (in the background) turned 22.

My set is a collection of more pics from the day:

And my song is a cheery tune about birthdays:

Go visit Thea to see some more SS & S posts about families!



  1. So happy to see you're back! The end of the year is ridiculously busy isn't it?

    I love your snaps & set of gorgeous.

    And great song!

    Thanks so much for linking.

    1. So so busy! Now it's nice and slow. Thank goodness! xx

  2. Welcome back - you were certainly missed. :-)

    This was a fun SS&S - I enjoyed seeing your family photos. :-)

    And it was a fun song!

  3. i missed you TERRIBLY...hooray your back... you have holidays now so i expect a blog a day or at least two a week(listen to me he he) to please us bloggers who have been cheated ...XXXX


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