Thursday, 10 November 2011

Something sad

Something sad has happened in our family,
and it has been very hard to write this post.
What began as a bright, happy, new beginning

with the birth of my sister's new twins,
quickly turned to worry and concern

as it was discovered that Willow was struggling to survive
against a myriad of complications with her health.
Puzzled doctors were unable to help,
as Willow became sicker and sicker,
and then slipped into unconsciousness.

Days filled with anxiety passed by, grasping onto hope and prayers
until around midnight on Saturday night, 6/11/11,
our sweet little Willow 
drifted away.

Nothing can compare with the sense of loss
you feel when someone dies,
whether it is expected or not.
Breathlessness, breaking hearts and complete sadness
have consumed us all over the past week,
 as we try to come to terms with Willow's passing.

So precious is a life.
So fragile.

And even though we were able to hold her
and say our goodbyes,
and love and kiss her,

She is still gone
And we miss her so.


  1. :-( I am so sorry for your loss. Sooo sorry. You're absolutely right about death. That's why the Bible calls it 'the enemy'...Sending good thoughts to your sister and family. :-(

  2. Wendy, I've kept up with the pregnancy through Em and was delighted to hear of the births of the twins. SO sad to hear of the loss of beautiful Willow. My aunt and uncle lost their son, Barrett, at the tender age of 15 through a tragic accident. I'm afraid nothing heals the loss of a child. No words will ever heal the pain of such loss, but it is comforting to know that you're all in our thoughts and prayers.
    Though angels lie in silent wait
    Another soul to the Lord to take,
    Grieve her loss and grant her wings
    For now she is cradled in the arms of her King.
    God bless
    (and that little poem, I wrote :-) for you xx

  3. Thanks Debbie and Karen for your kind words, and lovely poem. It is a great comfort to have your prayers :)

  4. oh Wendy words can take away the pain ...but hopefully those words will give courage and strenght to those who face another minute, day, month year....sending all the love , hugs and strength plus prayers from me to you all

  5. So sorry to hear the terrible loss your family has suffered. There really are no words to make things better in such a tragic situation. I am sure you are all banding together and holding each other up but I am sending some extra hugs your way to share around. xx

  6. Thank you for your hugs and thoughts. They are appreciated. :)


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