Saturday, 22 October 2011

Strange birds

You may have realised by now that I LOVE fairgrounds, and every year it is one of our favourite family things to go to the Perth Royal Show.

Stand outs for me are always the noisy atmosphere (sounds of muffled announcements, screaming teenagers and blaring music), show food (donuts and fairy floss), show bags (magazines galore!), home shopping gadgets (this year I got a you-beaut mop and a de-pilling machine) and the lights and colours of the carnival. Usually we stay for the fireworks too, but I was being a bit of a party-pooper this year and didn't want to stay that long.

Funnily enough, I was quite enthralled (who knew?) by the poultry exhibition this year, totally fascinated by the freakishness of them all!  There were GORGEOUS artworks by school students, and I just have to share them here:

Such beautiful use of colour! And now for the freaky birds. This one puffed his chest right out and it wobbled around:

This one had the high collar Elizabeth I look happening:

This one appeared normal, until, woah, you saw his fancy feet:

This one had the whole fluff ball thing going on:

This one grossed me out with the mangled crown look:

And I perhaps felt even a little threatened by the Darth Maul impersonation here:

On entering the poultry pavilion I had expected to just see cage upon cage of glorious fellows like this one:

with his stunning colours, however, the prizes seemed to be given to all the freaky guys. Well, good on them!

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  1. I guess you can't beat a freaky chicken...wherever you find them, huh?! Ha! Ha!


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