Friday, 28 October 2011

Cake Boss is Touring!

If you subscribe to Foxtel, you have probably discovered all the yummy and amazing cake making shows on the Food channel. We love them!

There's Cake Boss,

Ace of Cakes

DC Cupcakes

and a new Australian one, Planet Cake.

News is, Buddy Valastro from Cake Boss is touring Australia next year and is even coming to Perth!! We WILL be going! This guy is a LEGEND at cake decorating, and he's funny too. Check out some of his creations:

An aquarium cake

A Sesame Street cake, with all the buildings and characters

And even, a Bumble Bee Transformer cake!! Look at the size of it!

It really is made of cake!

Are you into cake decorating or do you just like to watch?


  1. Oh Yeah!! I love the cake shows. And you're right...the Cake Boss is amazing!! I recently saw a show where he made a train station WITH A MOVING TRAIN ON A TRACK!! ^_^ So fun!! But I've never seen DC Cupcake or the Australian show, (I don't think we get that one here in the U.S.)...YET that is! :-] I'll be looking for the newest shows soon!

  2. i had so many of your post to catch up on...Congratulations Aunty Wendy..TWINS how wonderful..cant wait to see the pics...
    Those cakes are amazing...wish we had something like that here !!!! i should organize it hey????
    love the birds and the chooks show too... and the brides are so dreamy.
    oh why didnt i look at your blog earlier????
    Love ya XXXXXXXX

  3. Ha ha! I have had a bit of a blogging frenzy lately! xx


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