Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday Session - A-ha

Each Sunday, I like to join up with Thea's Sunday Session to play two songs, an oldie and a newbie.

This week I was looking through some A-ha clips (I ADORE this band) and thought I'd share one of their songs from the 80s, and a recent one. I just love Morton's voice!

This one makes me all tingly!

Thanks for dropping in! xx


  1. Cool! I haven't heard Aha in a loooong time! {By the way, I left you a reply on my blog. :-)}

  2. nice clips...i am learning to broaden my horizon in respect to my appreciation of music...i am finding i amaze myself as to what i am enjoying.

  3. OMG, I read A-Ha and took a sharp intake of breath! I LOVED them so much, I was totally in love with Morten. I watched Take on Me on video (that I recored from the TV) until it had stretched so much I couldn't hear it properly anymore.

    Thanks for the memories...fabulous sunday session!! :)

  4. Ha! I watched the Take On Me video heaps as well! I'm glad I surprised you all by choosing A-ha.
    You know, they still release albums every few years, and always have! And Morten is still gorgeous! xx

  5. Better late than never here to listen to the Sunday Session songs, it is interesting to hear bands from the other side of the world.

  6. I love, love, love a-ha! I got to see them in Munich, Germany last October on their farewell tour. It was so great. It's sad that they are no longer a band.


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