Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Birthdays All Around

My blog has been lacking in the diary-keeping department lately, so I'm going to share a whole lot of photos from recent family events.

Firstly, my sister Kristie had her birthday (back in March, mind you!) and so we met up with Mum for morning tea. Kristie wore her Alice in Wonderland top, which was way cute, and how cute was Lily in her red and white polka dots?

Then it was Mum's birthday, so we all got together at Mum's house where she had sneakily added some limestone walls to her garden. Looks good!

From the left: Me, Uncle Keith, Aunty Lyn (my Mum's sister), Dave, Jack, Kristie, Lily, Mum, my cousin Jenny.

Lily is laughing hysterically here - cute!

Jenny and her son, Travis

And then it was my birthday! I had a yummy cake, and we nearly had an indoor bonfire with all the candles lit up!

My boys bought me a new bookcase (I had so much fun arranging my books on it, after having them in boxes for about a year!), a cute notebook, and a gift voucher for Spoil Yourself.

I got store vouchers from my folks, gorgeous blockmounted pics from Kristie, Dave and Lily, and eco make-up brushes from my sister, Leonie.

Thanks to everyone for all the pretty birthday cards. Love you! xx


  1. Love the pictures and seriously how cute is that shirt?!

    I'm glad I spotted this post. I wanted to thank you for the mug and print. The mug has become my favorite and is in constant use. I apologize for not thanking you sooner. I couldn't find your email address then I got your message but pressed the wrong button on my new phone and it disappeared. Eeek!

  2. Lots of birthdays indeed! Happy Birthday to you, sounds like you got nicely spoilt, the new bookcase looks lovely!

    Hope you are enjoying your school holidays :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't find your email addy to reply, but your hubby is lucky indeed. Happy Birthday to you too sounds like lots of celebrations all round!

  4. Thanks, for the birthday wishes, everyone! I'm having a decluttering type of holiday, but we also got to have a getaway to Margaret River which was great!

    And thanks, Michelle, for mentioning the email link. People have said that before, but I didn't twig what they meant! I've added my email address to my blogger profile now. xx

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  6. cute cute pictures! What a sweet little one :) Hope you had a fab birthday, the book shelf looks great!

  7. Great pictures! I am your newest follower. And also I gave you an award because you so deserved it. Please come to my blog to claim it. Thank you! http://aimee-girltalk.blogspot.com

  8. it is the time of year for birthdays in our family as well :)

  9. What a nice family you have. Love the shirt! Following you from Girl Talk and The Versatile Blogger post.

  10. i thought i was slack with my blogging of late with the move to the new house..... hummm hummm... you sure mae up for it though...LOVED all the family shots and Lilly is the cutest little poppet.

  11. All the pictures are awesome.
    Thanks for sharing..


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