Thursday, 7 October 2010

So excited!!

I just have to share this photo because I'm pretty thrilled! I hosted my first Tupperware party a couple of weeks ago, with some friends from work, and my sister, Kristie, and, bless em, the girls spent heaps!! I just got all the orders in from the lovely Marlene, my Tupperware lady, and these are all my freebies:

All I paid was $10.40, and all of this loot was mine! Host bonuses, game bonuses, thank you gifts, host gifts, host bonuses, host vouchers - all for me! (About $450 worth!)

Now, I know a good deal when I see one, so I thought I'd let you all know just how beneficial it is to host a Tupperware party. I'm certainly going to do it again!!

I must say, it wouldn't have happened without the girls from work being so supportive, making the day full of laughs, and spending their well-deserved earnings on kitchen products. Thank you so much!!!!!


  1. goota love that good old Tupperware...and with a lifetime guarantee you just call up a tupperware lady whereever you are and they replace whatever is cracked not sealing or broken.....and for free.... cant beat that (even if it seems a little expensive) it is so worth the money...i am still using tupperware i got for kitchen tea shower gifts and that was 45 years ago...beat that anyone!!!!!

  2. 45 years! That's impressive! I definitely can't beat that! xx

  3. I'm a tupperware gal from way back! I have a lot of it still too!!

  4. Hey Wendy, I'm getting back on track with my're my inspiration! lol. Wondering how you got the links to your alpha list on the the right side of your page. I want to add crafts but how do I get the pages to open fron that list?


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