Thursday, 21 October 2010

Red Rocks

At the Kalbarri National Park (after a very long drive along dusty, bumpy roads), there are beautiful views and rock formations, the stand out one being Nature's Window. I love looking at these layered rocks:

There were sheer drops over the sides of these cliffs. I sooo should have been wearing different shoes!


  1. Yeah, but you Sooooooo got some gorgeous shots!!!...Glad you're still alive to share them!! BE CAREFUL will ya!! ^_^

  2. that is some magnificent scenery... was it really as scary as it looked???? i love the colours of the rock formations and the layers....

  3. These photos are so quintessentially Australian. Gorgeous photos. Reminds me of when we climbed the hills outside of Broken Hill to see the rock sculptures at the top. SO FREAKING HOT!! And the FLIES!!!! YUCK! But well worth it. I love your shots of the sea too- so beautiful. Made me a little homesick. Sorry I haven't stopped by for ages- just realised today that somehow your blog had dropped off my bloglist bookmarks. hmmm.

  4. oh wow, oh wow oh wow, I love these. Would love to visit there one day.


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