Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sweet Little Things About Me - Bread Spreads!

Over at Sweet Little Pretties, Lisa is asking Which is your Favourite: Vegemite or Peanut Butter?

I have to say Vegemite wins! Especially Vegemite scrolls!

But to take this even further,
honey is better on toast than both of them!

And, when it comes to scones, you can't go past jam (any kind) and cream! Mmm..mmm!

Which do you prefer?

Check out other people's answers at Sweet Little Things About Me and play along!



  1. Do you know as much as I love vegemite I have never had a vegemite scroll - might need to get one. Thanks for playing along

  2. I am a big vegemite girl too, same as you - particularly vegemite scrolls, yum! But I do love peanut butter as well, I find it keeps me much more full if I have it for brekkie. Jam and cream on scones is nice but I much prefer slatherings of butter on a warm scone, my favourite!

    And I must admit to being a fan of homemade jam and lemon butter on a fresh bit of bread as well. I do like my variety!

    1. I like bread and jam, but lemon butter is something from way back in my childhood! xx

  3. Love Jam on scones but really can't bring myself to have honey on anything. Husband has honey and peanut butter together on his toast. x

    1. The strangest combo of food I've ever heard is fruitcake and cheese, but apparently it's quite common! :)


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