Thursday, 29 December 2011

My boy turned 13!

Jack's birthday was November 28th, so this post is a tad delayed, but I'm trying to catch up before the year is out!

Here he is with a yummy banana and chocolate cake that I made with a ganache frosting. The cake didn't look that flash, but my word it tasted good!

 To celebrate with his friends, Jack had two of them for a sleepover.

And to celebrate with family we had breakfast at Jetty's Restaurant, which is one of our favourite treats.

Jonathon got to hold Blake

and Lily had her face painted like a cat. Cute!

Happy Birthday, Jack!!

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  1. lovely catch up there put me to shame...cant beleive how much Jake has grown up....what happened to your little man????
    A reall teenager now....
    Yuckko all those boy smells in the house at the sleepover...your lounge will never be the same...ha ha ha!!!


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