Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Place and Yours - What am I reading?

It's tricky to find time to blog these days, but I wanted to join in with this meme over at hello owl asking what we are reading. At the moment, I am absorbed by an absolutely BRILLIANT book called the Kite Runner.

Set in Afghanistan and America, it is the story of a man who lives with the guilt of how he treated his childhood friend. This is a must-read book, and is unputdownable!

Next on my list of reads are these three:

In particular:
A Fortunate Life
Anne of Green Gables
The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

All pretty different books, that Mum picked up for me at the thrift shop where she works.

I have joined in a few book reading challenges this year, and you can see these on my sidebar. I often post book reviews too, on my other blog, Wise Owl Books.

My main challenge, for myself, is to read all the books on the Dymocks 2010 Booklovers Best Top 101 Booklist.

That's virtually impossible to read here, but you can zoom in. You can print out your own copy and join in too! You might find you've read a few of the books already. Comment below, if you'd like to join in the challenge. There is no time limit, but I generally read one book a week. I can't survive without books!  (I also fill in the Top 100 lists for Angus and Robertson and Borders!)

Pop over to hello owl to share what you are reading. xx


  1. The Kite Runner is on my "Must Read" books list. ....

    I loved Anne of Green Gables. Classic.

    Good Luck with the book challenges.

  2. i havent really had time to read many books but i am reading one at the moment...(Silver Wattle by Belinda Alexandra)i have read her other two books (White Gardenia and Wild Lavender...Loved them both)and this one is just as good so far....

  3. Ooh, I'd love to read those too! And they're not even on my list! So many books, so little time...(sigh!)

  4. Kite runner sounds very interesting will have to have a look!

  5. I enjoyed the kite runner as well, as a well written book, but I just really am not a fan of depressing subjected books, I get too involved in my reading for depressing subjects to be a good thing!

    I have read 21 of the top 100 list, will be looking up a few others on the list also so count me in :)

  6. Oh, that's another that is on my (evergrowing) 'to read' list.

  7. I've never read The Kite Runner, but read the whole Anne series last year! They're so sweet. You're going great with your challenge so far! Wow! Mine has slowed considerably since I stopped working (no more 45min train rides to and from the city) and started mummying full time... I have just finished re-reading one of my Diana Gabaldon faves, Drums of Autumn - about the Scots in 1745 and a Kathy Reichs quickie, Devil Bones.


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