Thursday, 6 August 2009

Pretend Album Cover

Now that I've added a heap more fave blogs to my blog roll, it took me an hour tonight to read all the new posts! But, I'm having a ball!

There was a laugh of an idea on the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland blog, that was just so tempting that I had to try it: Make a pretend album cover for a pretend band, following this criteria.

1. Google '' and select 'random article' from 'the sidebar. The title of the first article is the name of your band or artist.

2. Google 'random quotations' and select the first entry. The last four or five words of the last quotation on the page is the name of the album.

3. Google 'Flickr'and explore the Last 7 days. The third picture is the album cover art.

4. Use photoshop to put it all together. ( I now have this so, woohoo!)

5. You are meant to tag friends in this last step, but hey, everyone gets their kicks in different ways, so if you want to do it, do it!

(The picture is from Tom Raven's photostream On the Road).

The only other instruction is NO CHEATING! You'll be tempted to, but go with what you get first time. (For example, mentum is another name for chin, and I would have loved to change this to Momentum, which would have meant more to me, but, it's only a bit of fun!)

The picture and quote were serendipitously appropriate. I love bright coloured images, and the saying, 'It is not so much to live long as to live well,' suits me fine too.

This reminds me of the game where you find out what name you would have if you were a moviestar (or prostitute, as some people play it!). You take the name of your first pet and the name of the first street you lived in. Mine is Soxy Ogden. Love it! What's yours?


  1. Mine is Coco Carver! Cute game...thanks!

  2. This looks fun, but I don't have photo shop. sniff.
    My alternative name is "Rocket Richards".


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